About Us

We provide connecting, configuring and maintaining of the Champion platform, which is an inexpensive high-tech system designed to effectively manage modern interactive clubs. Our company uses an individual approach, selecting the most productive integrated solutions for each client.

The company also provides services on connecting additional client domains, in particular, Chcgreen. Service applications are used to manage the club’s accounts functioning on the basis of the Champion platform.

The advantages of cooperation with Champion are as follows:

  • the company provides the lowest interest rates of mutual settlements, since it is the owner of the system;
  • connection to the platform is legal and effectively protected;
  • having more than 8 years’ work experience, the company guarantees high quality of service;
  • assistance is provided in organizing the club from scratch (providing information materials, professional advice, selecting the right hardware, etc.);
  • after connection, the interactive club owner receives bonuses and profitable special offers;
  • a personal manager’s assistance is provided to each partner to accompany the club's activities at all stages of cooperation.

24-hour technical support allows you to solve quickly any problems associated with setting up and maintaining the Champion system. Consultants of the company are in touch at any time of the day or night.